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From the Top of the Fret
in-depth interviews with guitarists that
know the business,
hosted by Little River Band’s
Stephen Housden

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Stephen Housden
Brent Mason
Jack Pearson
Phil Keaggy
Steve Cropper
James Burton
Fred Newell
Muriel Anderson
Thom Bresh


Catching Up with Muriel Anderson!

You may remember Muriel Anderson as one of the first featured guitarists in our DVD series “From the Top of the Fret” with Stephen Housden. Muriel has stayed busy with her music and most recently made an appearance at the 2016 NAMM Convention! Muriel Anderson, Mino Cinelu and Victor Wooten rocked out the Hilton lobby during the NAMM afterparty. Vision4Music was there and caught this clip of their set closer, a fiery rendition of “Superstition”!

Check out Muriel Anderson on the Vision4Music DVD “From the Top of the Fret” →

Apple Music Memos Available for FREE on iTunes App Store!

Apple Music Memos

Apple Music Memos

Apple Music Memos is like voice memos, but MUCH more magical. There’s a singular button at the center of the screen that you tap when you’re ready to record (and even then, there’s an “auto” mode that will detect when music is being played and start recording immediately). Play with either piano or guitar (you can use other instruments, but those two are the best for this application). When you’re done, the app will analyze what you played, automatically generate a lead sheet with the chords you played and AUTOMATICALLY add drums and bass! Check out this demo:

On the occasion that the app gets it wrong, you can go in and manually edit some of it’s interpretations as well. This new app from Apple is another reason there’s no excuse for musicians to not be making music. The Apple Music Memos app will almost undoubtedly become an invaluable tool to songwriters far and wide!

Remembering David Bowie

David Bowie - "Lazarus" from BlackstarSome of us hit mental or emotional roadblocks when creating music. Some of us succumb to these excuses and some of us work past them or use them as muses for our art. David Bowie was not only one of the most creative musicians in rock history, but also let no excuse get in the way of creating some of the most influential music. Released on his 69th birthday, Bowie’s final album “Blackstar”, was created in the late stages of terminal cancer in which he also suffered 6 heart attacks. Most of us would find that half a dozen heartattacks and terminal illness would be good reason to put your music on hold, but for David Bowie, it was the opportunity to give his fans his final masterpiece.

In his career, David Bowie recorded 27 studio albums, 9 live albums, 5 EPs and released 111 singles. In addition, he starred in numerous motion pictures and contributed to dozens of compilation and album projects. May all of us have this kind of tenacity, this ferociousness for our music…dying doing what we were born to do.

David Bowie's Catalogue

Watch his final music video here:

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Your song… your sound!

Vision 4 Music, Inc. was formed in 2005 to present musical artists and songwriters to the public through a music community website. Vision 4 Music’s website and DVD’s feature artists’ and songwriters’ interviews and performances. We also provide member services including song contests and an online store of music gear and accessories.


There has never been a collection of musicians, songwriters, recording executives or performers that explores a real life behind-the-scene look at modern music. Our interactive DVD’s cover subjects from who invented the guitar to how to write and record a hit record. The shows explore the early guitar players up to current players and how those guitar players influenced the featured series guitar player. Each DVD features different genres of music from Classical to Rock and Roll to Rhythm and Blues.

aimee_mayoThe first DVD produced by Vision 4 Music is The Songwriter’s Series featuring songwriter Aimee Mayo and other songwriting guests. Aimee wrote the Martina McBride hit “This One’s for the Girls” and Lonestar’s mega hit “Amazed”. Sony / BMG worked with Vision 4 Music in supplying artists and record executives who are featured in this show.

Our second DVD is Vision 4 Music’s “Life on the Road” The Touring Performer which is a production based on the Little River Band. This show won a TELLY Award for best music video in 2005.

Our most recent DVD production is a series titled “From the Top of the Fret”.

These shows are hosted by Stephen Housden who has played guitar for over 30 years and has toured and recorded with many successful rock and roll platinum selling recording artists. Stephen has toured with Little River Band for the past 25 years.

All of these DVD titles are both educational and informative. Each DVD is filled with never before documented information about the shows’ featured performers and / or artists. Rather than just grazing the surface, they dig deep into their knowledge and experiences to give you an in depth look into what it takes to create the great instrumentation and lyrics behind the songs.

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