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The Road

“It ain’t about what you’re driving or about the gold you’re piling. The less I have to worry about the more time I got for smiling.” –Trailer Hitch by Kristian Bush

If you’re following along and connecting dots, you’ll notice we skipped over Denver, CO. There’s some points that flow in the same conversation (though not chronologically). Before visiting friends in Vegas, we stopped in Colorado to visit friends. Denver is a turning point on the road geographically – the Rocky Mountains suddenly appear and the landscape continues to look familiar as the America you see in the movies.

It’s breathtaking.

The anticipation of being on the road meets the realization that you are, in fact, on the road. Utah is a desert full of  incredible structures of layered rock molded over centuries more massive than any man made architecture. The environment surrounding you changes and keeps you feeling so small in the context of its enormity. Then, like a mirage, the glitz and twinkling lights of Las Vegas appear in the middle of the sand. You drive away from the mirage having either indulged in temptation or taking pride in restraint and then there it is: California.

RKVC's makeshift hotel office!

Ourmakeshift hotel office!

RKVC's makeshift lighting gear!

Our makeshift lighting gear!

More of RKVC's makeshift lighting gear!

More of our makeshift lighting gear!

Along this road we had to be adaptable. Sometimes that meant a makeshift office in a hotel in a forgotten town along historic Route 66 and sometimes making lighting equipment out of things found in a luxury resort hotel like a posh MacGyver.  Whatever the adaptation, it’s what makes the road an adventure and what makes memories worth remembering. Some choose to sit still and focus on what they don’t have instead of making the best of what they have and forge on. Choosing to move in any direction from where you are puts you on a path. The epiphany, logical conclusion and hard truth is that what defines the surface beneath you a road or a floor is dependent upon your decision to move or stay still. The road is just a floor you’ve chosen to walk on instead of standing still.

Now listening: “Trailer Hitch” by Kristian Bush

The Gamble

“I know I took the path that you would never want for me, I gave you hell through all the years…so I, I bet my life.” –I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons

RKVC in Las Vegas!

We’re in Las Vegas!

We’re posted up in Las Vegas and it seemed to be the appropriate place to reflect on the elephant in the room – aren’t we scared of the risk of moving so far away and essentially starting over? Don’t think that we haven’t thought about it, it all wouldn’t mean as much if the weight of the risk wasn’t apparent. The explanation that makes the most sense is that we’re willing to take the risks because the only thing we’re scared of more is never knowing what the possibilities would have been.

“Everybody’s been counting you out – but where are they now? Sitting in the same old place, just faces in the crowd.” –Conqueror by Estelle

The most difficult thing about having a purpose that is not like those around you is their expectation of you to make them understand (or worse, conform to the circumstances of their life and decisions). When you feel “it” in the deepest part of your gut it affects your functionality as a person. The void of what is missing or unpursued consumes you like the vacuum of a black hole in outer space. You have to endure countless projections of others’ insecurities and morbid infatuation of your potential failure. Your explanations run in circles all because they feel the haunting regret of what might have been in your potential success.

RKVC on Route 66!

We’re on Route 66!

RKVC almost to LA!

We’re almost to LA!

Yes, it’s a big gamble, and maybe the chances are slim, but the chances are none if we never try. So we’re putting it all on the table and playing our hand.

Now listening: “I Bet My Life” by Imagine Dragons

Now listening: “Conqueror” by Estelle


The Fix

“But when she gets home, she puts her headphones on, she plays her favorite song and fades away. And when the music’s on she can do no wrong, and she feels safe and calm and it’s ok.” –Her Favorite Song by Mayer Hawthorne

Mayer Hawthorne @ F1 FanFest 2015

Mayer Hawthorne @ F1 FanFest 2015

RKVC getting brakes fixed!

We’re getting our brakes fixed!

On Friday night, we braved the rain and dodged the mudpits at FanFest on Rainey Street to catch Mayer Hawthorne perform. It was retro magnificence! His showmanship along with great songs spanning a broad spectrum of retro influence and homage successfully delivered an engaging show. It felt good to be in that audience with tired legs and an eager ear to witness a performance of an artist we admired so much. It was so great that a couple nights later, we went to another show that was part of FanFest that our old friend Shane Cooley was playing. The next day we went to get the brakes on our car checked and found out they were in long overdue need of maintenance and replacement. We waited for hours to have the repairs done and got out just in time to attend a great little bluegrass performance on the porch of a coffee house/bar that comprised of a group of tour musicians on break including our friend Kym Warner of The Greencards and Robert Earl Keen.

Shane Cooley @ F1 FanFest 2015

Shane Cooley @ F1 FanFest 2015

The sequence of events were all serendipitously appropriate. Our vehicle was running fine and it wasn’t really at all urgent to us to have the brakes checked except for the random passing thought of how long it had been since the brakes were replaced or maintenanced (never). As writers and performers, being the fan for a few days gave us enough of a fix as fans to know that we might have some things on stage and in studio to fix. These songs that we put out into the world have to connect to the audience but somehow gives them an escape. There’s really an art to making art. It shouldn’t be overthought, but it shouldn’t be forgotten either. Soon, it’s going to be time to make music again.

Kym Warner & Friends

Kym Warner & Friends

Now listening: “Her Favorite Song” by Mayer Hawthorne

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