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Songwriting Tips (Part 1) – Ideas 💡

Some of us are new to songwriting and some of us are veteran hitmakers, but everyone along that spectrum could benefit from some songwriting prompts to help them come up with ideas for their next tune! You may or may not know of some of these, but hopefully there’s a few that are new to you that you can try to come up with a unique and captivating concept!

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Songwriting Tips (Part 1) – Ideas 💡

  1. Pick a phrase that you say that’s uniquely yours or your friend group’s and see if it can spark a new slang or double meaning!
    • There are so many songs of various genres that started with words or phrases the artist and their friend group used that became international slang. (i.e. Whip/Nae Nae, Stickwitu, Baby Got Back, Fleek, Ratchet, etc.)
  2. Keep a running list in a notebook or your smartphone’s notepad of interesting and/or aesthetically pleasing words and revisit that list when you’re trying to convey a conventional or cliche idea.
    • “Chandelier” anyone? Also, who would’ve thought the word “Umbrella” could be used as the anchor of a timeless pop song instead of saying “We’re together” or “I love you”?Rihanna, Umbrella, Vision4Music, V4M, Songwriting Tips, Ideas
  3. Similar to tip #2, keep a running list of interesting phrases or ideas. NEVER dismiss an idea because it doesn’t seem to work at the moment, you never know when it will come in handy.
    • Leave it to Sia to speak volumes with the phrase “I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart.”
  4. Keep voice memos of melodic ideas on your smartphone!
    • This has reportedly been Justin Timberlake’s method! Also, Apple just made it easier with a free Music Memos app you can check out what we said here!
  5. Syllables in your lyrics are valuable real estate, never settle on words just because they fit!
    • You’ve got a limited amount of space to say what you want to say, don’t waste it on words that don’t advance the story. Even a carefully placed “Yeah” or “Baby” can forward the storyline if it’s used correctly.
  6. Keep your lyrics in a “family” of themes and terms.
    • Instead of telling a literal story of a waitress falling in love with a cook, find words in the food and restaurant world that have double meanings that can be used to describe their relationship. Keep as much of the imagery in the same “family” and you can turn ordinary food terms into the next big love song for the culinary industry! 😉 Fork, Music, Food, Rihanna, Umbrella, Vision4Music, V4M, Songwriting Tips, Ideas
  7. Know the rules so that you can break them!
    • Not every rule is meant to be broken, but when you break the right ones you can create a style all your own! Kanye was told a song about Jesus would never chart and Sara Bareilles was told she needed to write a commercially viable love song to be successful as a female singer.
  8. Combine experiences.
    • Don’t just write about one ex, put the worse of them together! 😉
  9. Good songwriters write about what’s going on, great songwriters write beyond what’s going on.
    • For example, if you’re the guy that never gets the girl, don’t write about not getting the girl or wanting to get the girl, write about getting the girl!
  10. Write EVERYTHING down!
    • You never know when that idea will come in handy!
Christina Grimmie, V4M, Vision4Music

Celebrating the Life of Christina Grimmie.

Celebrating the Life of Christina Grimmie.

(Fan Video/YouTube)

Celebrating the Life of Christina Grimmie.

22-year-old singer/songwriter Christina Grimmie was remembered in a candlelight vigil in Los Angeles at the Trails of Griffith Park. The service was hosted by her best friend Ashly Kirk, also a singer in the Los Angeles area. Grimmie acheived massive success on YouTube performing covers of popular songs and later appeared on NBC’s “The Voice” where she placed third in its sixth season. Christina also opened for Selena Gomez on tour as well as many other nationally touring acts. Since her passing, many notable figures in music have paid respects either in words or performance including her previous tour mate, 2015 breakout star Rachel Platten. Watch the archived live feed of the Los Angeles candlelight vigil for Christina Grimmie below:

Grimmie’s “The Voice” coach Adam Levine also offered to pay for Christina’s funeral expenses and her mother’s travel expenses. Though many media outlets focused on Christina Grimmie’s last moments, we celebrate her life and the legacy of positivity and musical vision she left behind. Christina Grimmie was days away from beginning pre-production of her full-length album release. Watch her moving alumni performance on “The Voice” last year below:

Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo on Rewriting “Love is a Battlefield”

Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo on Rewriting “Love is a Battlefield”

At the 2016 ASCAP Expo, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo gave a candid interview and talked about the songwriting process. In this clip, they explain how the smash hit “Love is a Battlefield” began as a ballad with a beautiful melody and moving chord changes. After some exploration with drum machines and the band, the arrangement and production we know today came to life. Check out the clip above for that story and watch the clip below for an impromptu performance of “We Belong” showing that Pat and Neil still got what it takes to rock!

Catch Pat and Neil on the road this year as they go back on tour with their catalogue of classic rocks songs like “Love is a Battlefield” and “We Belong”!

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Your song… your sound!

Vision 4 Music, Inc. was formed in 2005 to present musical artists and songwriters to the public through a music community website. Vision 4 Music’s website and DVD’s feature artists’ and songwriters’ interviews and performances. We also provide member services including song contests and an online store of music gear and accessories.


There has never been a collection of musicians, songwriters, recording executives or performers that explores a real life behind-the-scene look at modern music. Our interactive DVD’s cover subjects from who invented the guitar to how to write and record a hit record. The shows explore the early guitar players up to current players and how those guitar players influenced the featured series guitar player. Each DVD features different genres of music from Classical to Rock and Roll to Rhythm and Blues.

aimee_mayoThe first DVD produced by Vision 4 Music is The Songwriter’s Series featuring songwriter Aimee Mayo and other songwriting guests. Aimee wrote the Martina McBride hit “This One’s for the Girls” and Lonestar’s mega hit “Amazed”. Sony / BMG worked with Vision 4 Music in supplying artists and record executives who are featured in this show.

Our second DVD is Vision 4 Music’s “Life on the Road” The Touring Performer which is a production based on the Little River Band. This show won a TELLY Award for best music video in 2005.

Our most recent DVD production is a series titled “From the Top of the Fret”.

These shows are hosted by Stephen Housden who has played guitar for over 30 years and has toured and recorded with many successful rock and roll platinum selling recording artists. Stephen has toured with Little River Band for the past 25 years.

All of these DVD titles are both educational and informative. Each DVD is filled with never before documented information about the shows’ featured performers and / or artists. Rather than just grazing the surface, they dig deep into their knowledge and experiences to give you an in depth look into what it takes to create the great instrumentation and lyrics behind the songs.

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